Highs & Lows – Week of March 6th

Hey there! How has your week been treating you?

If you’re just popping in, here are the posts that I’ve written this week. If you have a minute please have a read. It’s also not too late to enter the Happy Maps giveaway happening here on TTBH. Contest closes on Sunday at 6pm, so if it’s something that interests you please head over and enter to win!


My mom is officially moved in. Work on the basement has finally ended and my mom is comfortable and settled in her new apartment one month ahead of schedule! We converted our basement into a 1-bedroom apartment for her to help reduce her living expenses. Her apartment turned out better than we’d expected and she’s loving being here to spend more time with Margs. Margs also realizes that bubbie now lives “downstairs” and bangs on the door to tell me she wants to head down for a visit. I’m also loving having her so close by because it’s really nice to be able to have adult conversation throughout the day.


New blog opportunities. A few new blog opportunities have come my way over the last week and I’m excited! When I first decided to monetize the blog I really wasn’t sure where it would take me since my blog is so young and doesn’t necessarily have huge volumes of traffic. I’m thrilled that despite being in its infancy, TTBH is helping me generate a little revenue. I’m planning to write a post about my progress in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

Enjoying experimenting with the Keto Diet. I‘m still trudging along on my weight-loss journey. So far I’ve lost roughly 6 lbs which I’m really pleased about. I don’t necessarily feel that my weight loss is visible just yet but I do feel far more energized and in control of my eating habits. I’ve been experimenting with a really relaxed form of the Keto diet this week and although I probably wont stick to it long term (it’s far too rigid to be sustainable for me) it has been really eye opening to learn about carb content by keep track of my food choices with myfitnesspal. I really view this as a learning curve since I’m essentially reteaching myself about healthy choices and portion control.

Activities for Margs. Baby girl has had a busy week. After a discussion with Mer about my concerns that Margs might be bored we decided it was in her best interest to start taking part in some organized activities. She now goes to a play group on Mondays and Wednesdays and takes swimming lessons on the weekend. She really enjoys socializing with other children and has a great time playing, running and tumbling. Her excitement is just adorable and so is her tiny swim cap 😉



Margs’ pediatrician appointment. We headed back to the pediatrician this week. Again, I left there feeling pretty defeated. Margs is a big little girl. She’s nearly 33 inches tall and weighs roughly 31 lbs. According to her growth chart she’s in the 97% for height and essentially off the charts for weight. Her doctor questioned her eating habits and made some suggestions that we think might help slow down her weight gain. Basically, I’ve been told to start giving her 2% WCM and to reduce her intake of yogurt. Her doctor wasn’t overly concerned but I’m an anxious mama and it makes me feel terrible that I’m potentially feeding my little girl an unhealthy diet. I’m doing my very best since she eats primarily vegetables and fruit but clearly we need to reevaluate and make adjustments.

Estimated Due Dates. Thursday was a rough day. March 9th was my estimated due date for my twin pregnancy and every year it seems to just creep up on me. By now, you’d think I’d be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions that come from facing a due date but nope – it hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a little break while Margs played with her grandma to have a good cry. It just feels like someone else’s life ya know? I should have 4 year old twins! My gosh, 4 years have flown by and my life is not at all what I imagined it to be. I’m insanely grateful for my precious baby girl but some days the burden of the past is just harder to deal with. March 9th was one of those days.

What are your highs and lows for this fine week of March 6th?





Author: Jenny

I'm Jenny, a 30-something mama to 1 living child and 5 angels. I live in a tiny blue cottage in a small suburb outside a major Canadian city. I live here with my miracle baby Margs, my husband Mer, my pup and my 2 cats. I blog about a bunch of different things including parenting, frugal living and minimalism. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on instagram, twitter or bloglovin.

29 thoughts on “Highs & Lows – Week of March 6th”

  1. your week was well balanced. The addition of your mom in your home hopefully offset some of your heart break. My week was bland. Nothing really stellar or awful happened. Just a week of living life.


  2. Just found you and so glad I did. I am enjoying your blog. I’m a rookie (only 4 years in).. and too old to figure out how to generate money 😉 Sounds interesting though… I just love to write, so a blank slate is always fun. I also write the odd funny column for our local magazine here in Oakville, Ontario. I’m going to head over to your other posts and try to catch up. Keep them coming. Cheers…. Leslie-Ann


    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to get in touch.

      I love that you write for a local magazine – that’s one of my pipe dreams ❤


  3. Honestly those percentile charts are so outdated. Is she healthy, fit, energetic, active, developing, bright? I am sure all the answers are yes. you’re a smart Woman, you know if she’s eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh veg, and important nutrients. I think young kids regulate their only appetites really well. Try not to let them worry you mama!


    1. Absolutely!!!!

      I don’t know much about the charts to be honest. I’m going to do some research.

      As for her diet – she eats primarily a plant based diet (her choice, not mine) with very little sugar or processed foods.

      She’s just growing really quickly!

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      1. Sounds like a brilliant diet most Parents would love their Child to have. The charts may be different in the States but the ones which were used in Australia are decades old and based only on Caucasian forumla fed babies, which made them so inaccurate for many. Genetics play a huge role in size and growth. BMI is becoming largely discredited as medical professionals are finally accepting that “healthy” doesn’t have a set weight. If a child weighed in the 50th percentile they probably wouldn’t ask any questions, and yet they could exist off chips and cola. Definitely a case of Mama knows best. Sorry for the rant-a bit of a favourite topic of mine. And having had a premmie who didn’t register on a chart for a long time I read up on them a bit 🙂


      2. I’m going to start doing my own research! She’s growing quickly and eats a healthy diet so I wish the doctor wouldn’t have passed judgement. There was this sense that to be her size automatically means she eats a poor diet which she absolutely does not!

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  4. Don’t worry about her size – my little guy is 2.5 and was always in the 90% for weight but he’s definitely started to slim down. The swimming will likely help!


  5. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week! My neighbor who had a baby last year is doing the real restrictive keto diet and has lost a lot of the weight, but she’s also pretty crazy with it! I don’t think I would go that hard-core, it just doesn’t seem super healthy. I’ve had other friends who did it strictly for a while and when they tried to back off a bit they gained all the weight back 😦 I think all things in moderation is the key, so taking a relaxed approach and just paying more attention to your diet and portions will probably help you more long term. Good luck!


    1. The diet is interesting but at the same time concerning. Because of the high levels of fats and proteins I worry about the effect that will have on cholesterol and whatnot.

      How are YOU?

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      1. Yeah, that much meat and animal fats, without fruits and vegetables does not seem like a great diet, but I wouldn’t worry too much about cholesterol and stuff. Proteins and fats are good, I just don’t think it should be ALL you are eating 🙂

        I am doing pretty good! Just preparing for this baby. I can’t believe I am so close (6 more weeks!)


  6. jenny –
    I have three daughters. All three were large at birth (one was over three weeks early and weighed 8.6 lbs, so you can imagine how large she would have been on time). Each one was massive compared to other children, and two have grown to be what what some would call big girls (now 25 and 23). The eldest is 5’10 1/2″ and the middle one is 6’2″. They are the most lovely and feminine young women and proud to be tall and strong. An added benefit of their stature was an athletic scholarship to college for each of them.
    It was not always sunshine and roses though. The eldest wore six month size by one month. Both were over the 100 percentile from the get go, and outweighed their pals noticeably. When the middle one was two years old, she was the size of an average four year old. She was a late talker, and by two and a half most people who observed her and did not know her thought she was slow for her age — meaning they thought she was one to two years older than she was. Both took years to grown into their bodies, meaning they were like bulls in a china cabinet and the eldest was super uncoordinated.
    Luckily I have one female cousin and she is 6′ 1/2″, so they saw a tall, elegant, strong and beautiful woman and knew it was possible to be “bigger than everyone else”. In time they became grateful for the genes they inherited from their mum.
    The medical profession can be dense when it comes to height and weight of children. We are such a size conscious society and women are judged harshly. I am not super tall by today’s standard (5’9″0, but growing up int eh 60’s and 70’s I was bitterly aware of my stature compared to my peers. My mother, also tall, never seemed to understand why I felt awkward and never really talked to me about food and what it does to our bodies, good and bad, or about the importance of exercise, other than play tennis and golf and get out and walk. From the moment my children could comprehend, I talked about food and why it is important to use it to fuel our bodies and I shared with them my struggles with food. We were always an active family. I did not not have sweets readily available in the house, although I baked once every week, but I did not forbid them either.
    In closing, I just hope you do not let the doctor make you worry about your daughter. The ratio of weight to height is what is important, plus your child’s nutrition intake. If your daughter is consuming healthy and nutritious foods, and both her weight and height are equally over the charts, then who cares?


    1. Thank you SO SO much for sharing this. I was/am very concerned about the doctors comments.

      Clearly, I feed my daughter a healthy diet and I don’t necessarily feel/see that she is overweight – she’s just big. She’s tall and well built ya know?

      She’s currently 15 months old and wears 2T or 3T sized clothes.

      I think I needed to hear that this happens to other children and not just mine.

      Like you, we focus on living a healthy lifestyle and as she ages and understands more we will absolutely teach her about fueling her body well.

      Thanks again for sharing this with me! ❤


  7. Hi Jenny, it’s really God’s gift to have mom around and just rejoice / all the lows you mentioned will melt away.
    I never believed in any diets …so no comments :).
    Regarding the weight of your daughter, I may feel as your worries are unnecessary. I have a boy who was born close to two feet and till his last birthday (12th) was over the charts re his weight. He is healthy, active and less prone to any health issues compared to other kids for which I am grateful for. Now he is aware of his eating and involves in sports and exercise activities and keeping a good fitness and perfect weight. All will fall in place and 15 months is not the time for a baby to think of dieting 😦 if you ask me.
    Last week I have written about my moderation policy ( http://www.vinrama.wordpress.com) which is good to follow anytime 😉
    Your due date – I share your grief 😞As I too had an experience. Try to overcome that by spending time with Margs. Wishing you a great week next.


  8. Thats awesome about your mom! What a cool gift you can give her and what an awesome gift her presence is to you! Also sending prayers you way for those past hurts. Those dates are painful. *hugs* ❤


    1. I’m super excited to have her here! We’ve been working on the basement since we moved in last summer so it’s so nice that it’s finally done and she’s here and settled!

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  9. Don’t worry about the weight. My now nine year old used to be in the 90th plus percentile for height and weight when he was small – the pictures from back then show him as such a chunky little guy! And when he was born he weighed over TEN POUNDS. Today he’s skinny as a beanpole and in maybe the 10th percentile for weight. No dieting, he just slimmed down over time.


    1. Thank you for sharing this! Logically, I know she’ll slim down once she gets more and more active. She JUST started walking so we’re really at the very start of her being more mobile!

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