My lightbulb moment–why I decided to simplify and minimize the stuff in my life

The quote below really sums up where I’m heading with my project to minimize the stuff in our lives. The lightbulb really went on when we were in the midst of packing after buying this tiny blue house. Having a small baby made the idea of moving really overwhelming. I had to care for Margs and pack all our stuff which stressed me out a ton. So, in early April (moving in July) I decided I’d start packing up the non-essentials to make the process a little easier. Within a couple of weeks I’d managed to box up about 90% of our stuff – all non-essential items that were laying around the house taking up space and energy. The apartment was still fully functional yet it was clean, decluttered and for the first time ever I knew exactly what I had available to me and where every item was. Everything had a home and everything was useful. It was truly a liberating feeling. 


As the weeks passed, our boxes were shipped to a friends empty garage to be stored  where they sat until late September. We tried to save a little money on our move by having the movers move only our furniture so it was important that we get as many boxes out as possible before moving day in early July and by the time we were settled in enough to start taking those boxes out of storage a few months had passed.

When those boxes started to arrive here I found myself shocked at what I’d find – most items were things I completely forgot we owned and ultimately we had no use for them anymore. We’d been living for nearly 6 months with less and we’d gotten accustomed to having less stuff to worry about, clean and put away.

Life had become far simpler and we sorta loved living this way.

And that’s how it all started. We were overwhelmed with dozens and dozen (I think 70ish in all) of boxes of things that although still perfectly usable and useful were just no longer useful to us. It’s as though I no longer had the desire to waste energy on my “stuff”. Instead, I wanted to free up some of that energy and refocus it on things like spending more quality time with Margs (it’s hard to spend quality time with your kid when you’ve got  200 tchotchke’s to dust on a weekly basis), Mer and doing things I enjoy.

On that note, here are the items that have found a new home this week.  If you want to see what was rehomed last week go here!







Total: 95$


Author: Jenny

I'm Jenny, a 30-something mama to 1 living child and 5 angels. I live in a tiny blue cottage in a small suburb outside a major Canadian city. I live here with my miracle baby Margs, my husband Mer, my pup and my 2 cats. I blog about a bunch of different things including parenting, frugal living and minimalism. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on instagram, twitter or bloglovin.

8 thoughts on “My lightbulb moment–why I decided to simplify and minimize the stuff in my life”

  1. OMG I know exactly how this feels. We moved into my mum’s house and put everything in storage for over a year. Then we bought our little house and we took forever to bring things in from storage because I wanted to go through everything and then throw out all the excess crap!! We have been here about 6myhs and although everything is out of storage, I am still going through our stuff and getting rid of more….when you have lived with less it is so much nicer to have less!! It is also quite difficult when you also have a bubba- they attract stuff so easily! Well done!


  2. Hi, I just found your blog through the WordPress reader. It’s amazing how much time our stuff take up in our lives. I have been slowly decluttering for about a year now. I look forward to following your journey.


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