I signed up with wordpress yesterday with this desire to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. That’s a grand gesture no? I mean, my intention was to create a place where I could share my thoughts, recipes, DIY ideas and discuss parenting because parenting is so so hard most days. Then, I sat there staring at this tiny blog wondering how in the world would I introduce myself  to “the world”. Let’s be honest, maybe one person is going to read this right? In any case, I struggled to come up with a grand way to introduce myself and really summarize what this blog is all about. I guess I’m not even 100% sure what this blog is all about – I just know that I’d like to communicate with people.

So here goes.

I’m Jenny. I’m a mid-thirties (how the eff did that happen?) mom to one living child (more about that another day). I live in a tiny blue cottage in a gorgeous little suburb  outside a major Canadian city. My husband and I moved here with our tiny bundle just over 3 months ago. This is our first home, it’s a work in progress and we’re loving every minute of establishing our lives here as a family of three.

I’m a stay at home mom. Before this I educated other people’s kids and loved it. Now, I spend my days loving on my miracle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I plan to write about our adventures a lot.

I also love to cook and bake and do all those other housewifey things (who would have thought – I originally started off in the corporate world and would never in a gazillion years thought I’d ever enjoy this mom and housewife gig). I plan to write about that too. Share recipes and stuff- because everyone like to eat. I try to cook healthy but ya know sometimes good tasting food is important too.

I’m also somewhat of a minimalist (recently – since the move because we had so much shit cluttering our lives) . I’ll write about that too from time to time.

I’m also an anxious mess. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about 10 years ago. I’m medicated and feeling well-ish these days but I have my moments. Raising a kid with anxiety is effing hard. Really hard. I’d like to write about that too.

Clearly this is a hodge podge. Clearly I’ve got nothing and everything to say about everything and nothing all at the same time.

Follow along. Share your experiences. Talk to me.

And now, a photo of our walk through Saint Bernard Island Sanctuary yesterday because how else am I going to end this big awkward “this is me in a nutshell”, welcome to my blog post. Awwwwwkward.



Author: Jenny

I'm Jenny, a 30-something mama to 1 living child and 5 angels. I live in a tiny blue cottage in a small suburb outside a major Canadian city. I live here with my miracle baby Margs, my husband Mer, my pup and my 2 cats. I blog about a bunch of different things including parenting, frugal living and minimalism. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on instagram, twitter or bloglovin.

55 thoughts on “Beginning”

  1. Hi Jenny, stumbled across your blog – I’ve been going a month now and have just defined what I think I’m doing too! Understand re de-cluttering. Lost my Mum last year at the point my sister was selling her house to move in to look after her. In one fell swoop there were two houses and only one needed and so much stuff! Tons went, other is in store but the longer it is there, how necessary is it? Fascinating journey! BTW I am English, live on a Scottish Island and am in my fifties!


  2. I love it! I love your posts, awesome! So cool, so true to the heart… I’m looking forward to reading more and getting in touch! I love your quotes, and the way you write….. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for liking my post! Have a wicked weekend!


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my poetry blog.

    I am glad you have a child you are enjoying. It’s quite the adventure, isn’t it?

    I am so sorry that you have lost a child. Those of us who have not suffered through this tragedy cannot completely relate to your loss, while those who have probably wish they knew the problem less intimately. I pray that healing will come for you.

    Having struggled for years with anxiety myself, but without being actually helped by the medications that were prescribed, I am leaning more toward herbs and diet to solve some of these problems. Sometimes, mood disorders are fueled by a small deficiency that is easily put right with the reintroduction of the deficit nutrient. You might want to consider replacing white sugars in your diet with raw honey, maple syrup, or black strap molasses, all of which have a number of B vitamins that improve moods and other functions. Plus raw honey has been engineered with a number of beneficial microbes that promote all kinds of healing in the body. I subscribe to newsletters from a couple of organizations that have been very helpful. One of these is If they don’t have the answer you need, they will move heaven and earth to try to find it for you. The second is Both of these provide free monthly online newsletters, plus the occasional informative catalog by mail. Customer service is amazing. I hope these may be helpful to you.


  4. Nice job Jenny, I like the way you write, it is very much like mine in fact. I hope when I get to read more of your work I can gain some knowledge. I hope I have some for you in my work. I know I can see how to clean mine up a bit already. Cheers, and happy living.


  5. You remind me of my friends Jenny in my small town…lost her daughter last year…anxious to hear/read how to help her. Best of luck with the blog and life in general. Blogging is not only a great outlet, but a wonderful venue for helping and receiving help.


  6. Hi Jenny! Can’t believe you found my blog and liked it too!! When I read yours and saw the words anxiety, mood disorder, child, parenting, housewife, cooking… I was like, oh there are women like me!! And felt so connected !!!! Really? I felt connected with a lady who is of my age and from Canada?! I guess that’s the power of internet I guess! You don’t know how much you have motivated me today!! Thank you soooo much ! Love from India!! Would love to stay connected with you!


  7. i like your honesty; it’s not always easy to put it all out there and to admit that hodge-podginess of blogging on several different topics. i look forward to reading more. i may borrow your way of organizing topics and it is a quick and easy introduction to the different issues you are thinking through. i wish i had come across your blog back during my last pregnancy. having had a miscarriage, i spent the whole time waiting to lose it, and felt very alone in that grief and anxiety


  8. Hi Jenny, I too am a 30 something, married parent living in the northern hemisphere. I know! Amazing what coincidences can crop up…
    Sadly my something, if measured in years, reaches 20 and my children (2 of the buggers) are all grown up now. Anyway, I just popped in to wish you all the best with your anxiety issues as I genuinely do share that rotten little trait with you. Mine are much improved so don’t let the bad days set you back. Please accept those wishes and happy blogging πŸ™‚


  9. I LOVE this! I’m also a Jen, mid-thirties, SAHM who used to teach others’ little miracles, and also a sort-of minimalist who just decided to join WordPress this week to share my thoughts about it all with whoever would listen πŸ™‚ Great introductory post (Obviously, I know this was awhile ago, but still…kudos!)


  10. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for stumbling over to my blog – that is the reason I found yours! And according to this text I’m gonna like it a lot πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to read everything you’ve written.


  11. Hi! I too am only a month in. I think it will be exciting to watch you blog unfold as you develop as a writer. It seems that you have a lot of interesting points, experiences, & perspectives to share! Looking forward to it!


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